Miles Williams

Miles Williams


Main Stage September 3 6:00 pm

Those things combined with humility and a "never forget where you come from", know your roots in music mentality is what will surely prove him to be a great artist, leader, an outlaw and with the test of time a country legend. He strives to change the way you listen and perceive music today. He has a short list of musical influences, that has become evident in his music and live performances (John Prine, Gary Stewart and Jim Morrison). He has heavy emphasis on lyrics with story telling mixed with real life experiences to transcend the music to a symbiotic relationship between him and the listener. To know him is to realize the humility he has and appreciation for each and every fan. Entertaining 1 to 100,000 you will see he doesn't do this for a "job" but for the love of performing and touching his listeners.

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