Burnett Duo

Burnett Duo


Main Stage September 9 4:00 pm
    5:00 pm
    6:00 pm

They have combined soulful americana and folk music that lay the foundation for their debut album, coming summer of 2019. The Burnett's vocals play a major role in each song, often switching lead and dynamic harmonies between the two.

"We wanted to strip down from what we've done with our full band and do something that we would have fun with. Just the two of us, writing songs and traveling. We want to see the world."

Apart from being a dynamic duo acoustically, they front the Fort Worth based Folk Punk band, The Phantom Sensation.
While the full band has been the main focus for a few years, Jessica says, they are ready for an acoustic adventure.

"These are songs we have from our songbag that have accumulated over the past few years. It felt like the right time to show these demos to the world while we prepare to get into the studio and hit the road."

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