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2022 President Named

For 2022, the Permian Basin Fair and Expo will have longtime supporter Susie Kennedy Wyatt as President. Wyatt is already planning the 2022 10-day Fair run which will be celebrating 46 years of providing family fun. Wyatt has been active at the Permian Basin Fair & Expo for decades. "I am so honored to serve as President for the Fair, we are 'Celebrating the Red, White, and Blue in 2022', says Wyatt, who as the president chooses the Fair's theme. Her journey to be president started in 2002 as chairman of the Ceramic Division of the Creative Arts Department. She and four other volunteers oversaw one of the most extensive Creative Arts exhibits for county fairs in Texas. Susie has been a board member since 2014, executive director of Creative Arts since 2016, and an elected board officer since 2019.


President Wyatt's support to the Permian Basin Fair and Expo began as a mom. "I have had a love for the Fair since the first time I brought my son about 1976. He had so much fun, and we had to come every year," says Wyatt. In the '80s, Susie owned a ceramic shop, and her students would enter crafts into the Creative Arts competition. Fair officials invited Wyatt to demonstrate various techniques during the Fair, much like artists do at today's Fair. Wyatt shares, "I would like to see our Fair grow and to include all the Permian Basin in the largest family-friendly event of the year. It warms my heart to see all of the smiles on the faces and the excitement of the children!"


2020 President Chris Yount's term was extended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Yount served his term officially in 2021 after the 2020 fair was canceled. The 2021 Permian Basin Fair and Expo was a success and well attended. President Wyatt will be serving along with Chris Lawson, President-Elect, James Kennedy, Vice President, Chris Yount, Treasure, and Andrew Fry, Assistant Treasurer. "My hope is for a successful fair with lots of entries and participation in all the areas our Fair has to offer. All the volunteers, chairmen, and board members work very hard to have a great event for all," says Wyatt. The 2022 officers will be working with the board, staff, and volunteers for next year's Fair from Sept 2 - 11, 2022. Be sure to save the dates and join the fair fun!

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