Special Events

PBYFL - Battle of the Basin Cheerleading


Fair Stage - Bldg B September 8 2:00 pm


  • Tots
  • Flag
  • Freshman
  • Seniors
  • Junior Varsity
  • Varsity
  • All Stars


1st Place trophy, 2nd and 3rd place plaques in each division will be awarded.


August 15, 2019


All participants will need to gather at the Permian Basin Fair front gate 30 minutes before the event. Two sponsors, one child and one parent may enter the fair at no charge. Anyone else entering the fair/event will be charged regular gate fee prices. There will be a P.B. fair board member at the front gate to greet the groups and walk them in to the fair.


For more information and entry forms, please contact Kimberly Smith, PBYFL Cheer Boss at 432-425-6581 or by email at PBYFLCheerboss@gmail.com