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Open Boer Goat Show





Livestock Events – Open Boer Goat Rules 2023

Judge – Terry Taylor

Superintendent – James Kennedy

Asst Superintendent – Carolina Keith


Open Boer Goat Show – Wednesday September 6, 2023, at 6:00pm


• Livestock Events General Rules & Regulations apply to these shows.

• The show is sanctioned by the American Boer Goat Association.

• This show is open to all exhibitors.

o There is no limit on the number of animals that can be entered in a class by an exhibitor.

o No animals shall be changed from one class to another after entry unless it is ineligible for the class in which it is entered.

o Substitutions will be allowed.

• All goats must be registered in the herd book of a recognized association before time specified by the show.

o Recognized associations include ABGA, International Boer Goat Association, USBGA and the Canadian Boer Goat Association.

o Original registration certificates are required.  A copy of a registration application, stamped with the date received by a registered association, can be accepted for kids less than three (3) months of age.

o Animals must be registered in the name of the exhibitor and must have been owned by the exhibitor on or before the date determined by said show.

o Throughout the ABGA & JABGA show rules the term exhibitor is defined as the owner of the animal listed in the ABGA registry shown on the entry deadline.

o All goats must be appropriately identified and comply with USDA Scrapie Eradication Program Guidelines.

 Call 1-866-873-2824 or visit the following website for more information:




• Birth dates as listed on the registration certificate will be used to determine the class divisions.

o The show date will be the base date in computing all ages.

• Heelers will not be allowed in any classes.