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2023 Livestock Events

2023 General Livestock Rules & Regulations

2023 Livestock Dates and Times

2023 Farming & Ranching Livestock Scholarship Application

On-line Livestock Entries

Permian Basin Fair & Expo



Saturday, September 2, 2023

Poultry Show – 10:00am

Sunday, September 3, 2023

Open Cattle Show – 1:00 pm

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Open Boer Goat Show – 6:00 pm

Saturday, September 9, 2023

Market Goat Show – 8:30 am

Sunday, September 10, 2023

Market Lamb Show - 8:30am

Heifer Show - 9:00am

Steer Show - 9:00am


  • Poultry Show
  • Swine Show
  • Open Cattle and Steer Show
  • Open Boer Goat Show
  • Jr. Market Goat Show
  • Jr. Lamb Show
  • Jr. Heifer Show
  • Jr. Steer Show Rules


Download the following...

2023 General Livestock Rules & Regulations

2023 Livestock Dates and Times


  • Poultry Show Rules
  • All Variety Poultry Show Entry Form
  • Open Breeding Poultry Show Entry Form
  • Swine Show Rules
  • Swine Show Entry form
  • Open Cattle Show Rules
  • Open Cattle Entry Form
  • Open Steer Show Entry Form
  • Open Boer Goat Show Rules
  • Open Boer Goat Show Entry Form
  • Market Goat Show Rules
  • Market Goat Show Entry Form
  • Lamb Show Rules
  • Lamb Show Entry Form
  • Heifer Show Rules
  • Heifer Show Entry Form
  • Jr. Steer Show Rules
  • Jr. Steer Show Entry Form

Livestock Events – 2022 General Rules & Regulations


Check-in/ Packet Pickup

  • All Livestock will enter at Gate 1.
  • All packets will be picked up outside of Farming & Ranching Office.
  • Park in the main lot south of the Covered Arena.
  • Do not block Gate 1
  • Signatures will be required to pick up packets.
  • No one will be allowed through the gates without the proper passes



  • Entries must be postmarked by August 12, 2022.
  • Poultry must be postmarked by August 22,2022.
  • o Late entries will be accepted with a $20.00 late fee per animal.
  • o We do not mail entry receipts.
  • Entry forms can be found online on the Livestock Events page at www.pbfair.com
  • Make check or money order payable to:  PERMIAN BASIN FAIR & EXPOSITION
  • All Entry Fees are non-refundable.


Mail entries for...

Steers, Heifers, Lambs, Market Goats, Swine & Boer Goats



Permian Basin Fair

218 West 46th Street

Odessa, TX 79764



and entries for Poultry to...

Jerry Wiley

PO Box 212

Gardendale, TX 79758



•• Online entries must be registered by August 12, 2022, without penalty of a late fee.

o Credit/ Debit Cards are accepted.

o August 26,2022 at 12:00 am online entries will be turned off.

• Late entries and substitutions can be made at the Farming & Ranching Office on the day of arrival.


Entry Fees

  • Open Cattle - $35 per entry
  • Steers & Heifers,
  • Show A - $35.00 per entry
  • Show B - $35.00 per entry (must be registered in Show A)
  • Lamb & Market Goats
  • Show A - $25.00 per entry
  • Show B - $25.00 per entry (must be registered in Show A)
  • Swine - $25.00 per entry
  • Boer Goats - $25.00 per entry
  • Poultry - $2.00 per bird
  • No limit on the number of entries an exhibitor may enter.
  • Division Show Superintendents will pre-assign stalls.
  • Individual stalls within a preassigned area will be on a first come, first serve basis.




• Each exhibitor will receive (1) pass for themselves and one (1) pass for a parent.

o Additional passes may be purchased for $10 per pass.

• Each exhibitor will be responsible for being on time for their show.

o The Permian Basin Fair & Exposition or any other staff associated with a show will not be responsible for ensuring exhibitors are present before they are required in the show ring.

o Exhibitors will be responsible for knowing the current progress of the show and show order to ensure they are in the holding area on time.

• Adult or youth may enter Open Shows.

• Junior (Jr) Shows are open to any 4-H or FFA member who is 9 years old or in the 3rd grade, but not more than 19 years old and has not graduated high school.

• All entries must be exhibited by the owner, except when an exhibitor has more than one entry in a class.

o In this case, anyone else already registered in the show may exhibit the animal.

o If it is a Jr show, the exhibitor must meet the requirements for the Jr show and already be registered.

• All exhibitors of champion animals receiving $600 or more will be required to fill out a W-9 form (requires a Social Security Number) before receiving their “payback” money which can be picked up in the Farming & Ranching office.

o Any exhibitor receiving $600.00 or more in “payback” money will be mailed a 1099 form.

• Prizes will be awarded to Breed Champions & Reserve Breed Champions only in the Swine and Lamb shows.




• Trophy buckles will be awarded to the Grand Champion and Reserve Champion of a division

• Showmanship buckles will be awarded to the Sr. & Jr. Showman for Steers & Heifers, Lambs, Market Goats, Rabbit & Swine.

o Showmanship exhibitors will be chosen from each class of a division to return to participate in the showmanship contest.

o Showmanship exhibitors must be wearing their exhibitor number.





• The selling of livestock, rabbits or poultry is NOT permitted on the fairgrounds.

• The Ector County Coliseum fairgrounds are a licensed premise.

o No alcohol is allowed to be brought onto the fairgrounds.

• Only those animals entered in a show may be brought onto the fairgrounds.

• The Permian Basin Fair & Exposition assumes no responsibility of the care, custody or control of any exhibitors Livestock or the exhibitor’s equipment.

o However, reasonable precautions will be taken to protect the property and exhibits of the exhibitors.

o Security guards will be on duty nightly.

• Decisions of the classifier and judge of each division will be final.

o Any animal classified out of the class in which it is entered will be moved to the appropriate class by the classifier.

o Protests will not be considered.

o Any objection or interference by an exhibitor, parent, agent or teacher may cause immediate removal of livestock and parties involved from the fair grounds and barred from future shows.

• Livestock washing allowed only in wash racks.

o No livestock washing allowed in barns or outside

• No trimming stalls or blocking tables will be allowed on the east side of the livestock barns.

o They will be allowed on the North, South & West sides of the barns.

• Show animals are expected to be trained to lead easily and handle properly through processing in the show ring.

o Any animals determined to be unruly by a show superintendent or judge may be removed from the show.

• Parents will not be allowed to assist exhibitors in the show ring.

o Parents, County Agents and teachers will be permitted to assist in the holding area.

• Livestock, rabbits or poultry will not be allowed to be removed from the fairgrounds before their scheduled release time.

o A written release from a designated division official will be required.

o Have your vehicle and trailer license plate number available when picking up release form.

• No dogs are allowed on the grounds, except for service dogs and dogs entered in an event, these dogs are restricted to the event area.

• The Permian Basin Fair & Exposition Livestock Events Executive Committee reserves the right to the interpretation of these rules.

o They reserve the right to make any changes they deem necessary.

o They reserve the right to substitute another judge in case the judges listed are unable to attend.



Livestock Events