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Open Market Goat Show




Livestock Events – Junior Market Goat Rules 2023


Market Goat Show – Saturday September 9, 2023, at 8:30am


Judge Show A – Josh Kouns

Judge Show B – Logan Jackson

Superintendent – Blair Lawson

Asst Superintendent – Brittany Hernandez


• Livestock Events General Rules & Regulations apply to these shows.

• There will be two shows, Show A & Show B.

o Exhibitors wishing to participate in Show B must be registered in Show A.

o Show B will follow Show A.

o Exhibitors with multiple entries in one class refer to the General Rules and Regulations.

• Market Goats must be on the grounds by 6:00 pm Friday September 8, 2023.


• Exhibitors will weigh and turn in weights and ear tag numbers of their own market goat.

o Market Goats will not be allowed in the show ring without ear tags, existing ear tags may be used, or ear tags can be purchased for $5.00 in the Farming & Ranching office.

o Weights should be turned in as soon as possible.

 7:00 pm September 8, 2023, is the deadline for all weights.

After Superintendent has posted the classes, the exhibitor has (1) hour to notify the office of any corrections.

• All Entry Fees are non-refundable

• Wether and doe kids may be shown.

• No paint, powder or artificial coloring is allowed.

• Market Goats must be slick shorn to a uniform length.

o 3/8 inch of hair or less above the hock and knee joint at time of show

 Exception, tail hair is allowed.

• There is a 30 lbs. minimum weight and no maximum weight limit.

o There will be a 3 lbs. weigh back on the top of the class.

o Any market goat weighing 3 lbs. over the top of the class will be disqualified.

• Exhibitors will be allowed to use halters or collars in the show ring.

• Exhibitors are responsible for keeping their animals in assigned pens.

o Some market goats may need to be tied.

• Horns should be tipped before arrival on show grounds.

• (15) Showmanship exhibitors will be chosen to return to participate in the Junior and Senior Showmanship contest.  All (15) in each Showmanship Contest will be placed.

• This is a sanctioned junior market goat show.

o Junior Meat Goat Show Circuit

o Beyond the Ring (No Showmanship Points)