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Talent Show





Grand prize winner will receive $500 and a plaque. 1st place winners in
each category will receive $150, 2nd place $100, 3rd place $50.


Official Rules and Regulations


1. There are 4 age categories: 7 & under, 8 – 12, 13 – 17, and 18 & over. Categories will be determined by the oldest member in the act including accompaniment.

2. Contestants can perform in only one act. If a contestant performs in more than one act, it will result in all acts in which they perform being disqualified.

3. All contestants must perform the same act (song and performers) at the finals as was performed in the preliminaries.

4. Accompaniment CDs are allowed. No lead vocals allowed on accompaniment CD. The Permian Basin Fair is not responsible for any lost CDs or the performance of any CD.

5. There will be a 4 minute time limit on all acts. This will be strictly enforced. All acts will be timed.

6. Professionals are ineligible. A professional is considered to be anyone whose livelihood is from the type of performance entered.

7. There is no limit to the number of participants per act.

8. No piano or dance floor will be provided. There will be a stage and an area in front of the stage that can be utilized.

9. All acts must be clean and in good taste.

10. A sound system will be provided. Any electrical instruments will be required to us the PA system as an amplifier. Individual amps will not be permitted. Drums are not permitted unless they are the primary instrument used in the performance.

11. Judging will be based on talent, originality, and showmanship

12. Preliminaries will be held August 14th , 2021 at Music City Mall beginning at 1:00PM. All acts must check in at 12:30PM.

13. Five preliminary winners will be chosen from each age category to go onto the finals.

14. Each finalist will receive one fair pass.

15. Finals will be held at the Permian Basin Fair Saturday September 11, 2021 at 7:00PM

16. The Grand Prize winner from 2019 is not eligible


All rules will be strictly enforced. Any violation will result in immediate disqualification